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Saturday, November 05, 2005


Tap, tap, tap. What’s that? Was that the door? No, I must be hearing things.
Tap, tap, tap. Oh it was the door. Still I’m much too busy to take my attention away from what I’m doing.
Tap, tap, tap. There’s the door again, who could it be, so insistent? I suppose I’ll look though the peephole and then decide if I want to open the door or not. It’s just some man. Forget him I’ve got important work to do, besides there is a storm coming, he’ll soon leave.

Tap, tap, tap, There’s the door again, who is it this time? I’ll look through the window. It’s that man again, Oh, and he saw me through the window. “Yes what is it?! Who are you?!” “I am the way” “What? Go away I must get back to my business.” I am the way he says, what way? The way to where? I know the way, it’s my way! Besides its very hot out, he’ll soon leave.

Tap, tap, tap, Oh no, the door!, the door! Who is it now? Its him again. I yell through the door, “What is it now? Who are you?” “I am the truth” “You are crazy, leave me alone I’ve got to get back to my hobbies.” The truth he says, the truth about what? I know the truth, after all I’ve spent my life deciding what’s truth and what is falsehood. Who better to decide but me? Besides the snow is falling, he’ll soon leave.

Tap, tap, tap, Again! How can this be?! “Who is it? Who is it? Who are you?” “I am the life” “Leave me be!” Life! I’ve got a life, I’ve worked hard for my life and there’s no one to thank for my life but me.

Tap, tap, tap, Oh that’s it I’ve had it! This time I’ll open the door with the safety chain latched. “You bothersome man, what do you want?” “I want to come in” “What? Why? No!” I slam the door shut, after all I’ve much to do.

All night I’m distracted, I can’t focus, I’m fascinated by that strange man, “The way,” he’s so persistent, “The truth,” day after day he knocks and patiently waits, “The life,” he wants to come in, “The way,” why? What does he mean to do? “The truth” what does he want with me? “The life.”
My heart softens for him. I’m so rude to him and yet he is calm, gentle and humble. Month after month he knocks on the door. He wants to come in.
Year after year he waits and waits, but for what? Well I suppose that since he said he wanted to come in he must be waiting for me. The way, the truth, the life wants to come in, he must be waiting for me to invite him in and that’s just what I’ll do!

Tap, tap, tap, Oh I hope it’s him. I’ll swing the door wide open and welcome him in. Yes it’s him, Oh joy! “Hold on I’m coming!” I quickly open the door “behold I stand at the door and…” “Oh wait!”
I slam the door shut on him again. I had to, my place is filthy. I run around like a mad man picking up trash, spraying cleaner. I run back to the door and open it, just a little bit bracing it with my foot. “Behold I stand at the door and knock, if anyone hears my voice…” “Just a minute” I shut the door, I just can’t let him in yet, my place is still a mess. I run around again cleaning and washing.

Tap, tap, tap, “Just a moment!”
Tap, tap, tap, “Be right there!”

This is maddening day after day I run around cleaning yet I see no progress. Month after month running back to the door “I want to let you in just wait a moment.”
Tap, tap, tap, “I’m almost done just a minute!”

Year after year, tap, tap, tap, how did I ever let things get to this state? Every thing is still filthy. I keep promising to let him in soon. Even my most prized possessions seem as filthy rags. I’m exhausted, I want him to come in with all of my heart, but I’m ashamed of the state of things in here. I can’t stand it any more!

I’m so weak now. I crawl to the door, I collapse against it holding my self crying desperately. I realize that the whole time he has been saying something, that gentle patient man. What is it? I press my ear to the door to hear, “Behold I stand at the door and knock, if anyone hears my voice and opens the door I will come in” I reach up, grasp the knob and turn it. I slowly open the door “I will come into him and dine with him and he with me” I reach out, gently touch his feet, look up at him and say, “Please come in.”

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