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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Islam / Muslim : Religion of Peace

You may have noticed that after the attacks of September 11th we were told that true Muslims would never perpetrate terrorist acts. Those terrorists had high-jacked Islam because Islam is a religion of peace. This was America’s national cry ranging from the media, to pop-culture.

As a side note, we have been told a great number of times that all Muslims are not terrorists, this is true but who ever said that they were? I have never, ever, nowhere, never heard anyone, anywhere say that all Muslims are terrorists. I’ve heard plenty of people say that they are not, but I have never, ever heard that they were. This denial of the obvious, and that which no one has ever stated, is perhaps due to America’s overactive politically correct movement.

Back to the point, have you noticed that in complete contradistinction, Christianity has not been afforded the same sympathy and empathy in regards to those who have acted in malicious manners in the name of Christianity? Yet, Christianity is a religion of peace and those “Christians” who have acted maliciously in its name have high-jacked it.

This is quite factual when we consider the fact that there is no scripture that could rightly be utilized to back up maliciousness. Nor can any excuse be found in the life, words, or actions of Jesus Himself. True, scripture has been twisted to such ends but in an unviable manner.

Who argued against slavery in the USA, who argued against the Salem witch-hunt, as well as various other misdoings? Well-educated Christians who took the Bible seriously. But wasn’t it Christians who started slavery in the USA and the witch-hunts at Salem. This is precisely the point—those people misused the scripture in order to back up what they already wanted to do.
Later on, well educated Christians who took the Bible seriously came along and said that regardless of what we may want to do we must see what scripture wants us to do. Perhaps it should also be pointed out that African slaves were bought from African-Muslim slave traders (who continue selling African slaves to this very day). If you have ever seen a map of Salem which marks the place of residence of the witches, and their accusers, you’ll note that it seems to have a lot more to do with class warfare that anything else.

People who have studied Islam were very surprised when, after September 11th, we were told over and over again that, “Islam means peace.” We were surprised because for about one and a half millennia Islam had meant submission but now, thus saith the politically correct movement, it means peace. Salaam Aleikum is the common greeting amongst Muslims and what does it mean? It means peace be unto you. Salaam is equivalent to the Hebrew shalom, it means peace. Islam means submission, submission to Allah under Islamic religion. It may very well be that Islam has salaam as part of a root word but one and a half millennia of Arabic proves that Islam means submission.

But even if the title of a religion means peace that would in no way ensure that the religion would be practice in that way. Many Muslims who want Islam to not be related to the extremist terrorists are the same people who still hold enmity against Christianity (or the Roman Catholic Church) for the Crusades. But the Crusaders clearly high-jacked Christianity because the God espoused by Christianity is “the God of peace” (Hebrews 13:20), and Jesus the Christ is the “Price of Peace” (Isaiah 9:6).


  1. Islam is not the religion of peace at all, instead it is the religion of war, the Koran says: we have made war as a law for you.
    Islam means, atrocity, murder, rape, torture, homosexuality, adultery, plunder, and expansionism,

    all Muslims were commanded to be terrorists. by allah,

  2. Iran is the example of misery and destruction which Islam brought to mankind. 5 millions addicts,5, millions prostitutes, 3, millions political detainees, 7, million refugees, 20, millions in line to scape, ans 1000%, inflation, plus wars, incitement, and terrorism


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