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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Abortion and Homosexual Marriage – The Faulty Correlation

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  1. Anonymous2:05 AM

    "... a woman somehow finds herself pregnant"

    Indeed, some women, sometimes as young as 13 do "find themselves pregnant," due to incest or rape. Do you still think they should be forced to become mothers? Who will help them raise their child? Who will insure that the child is loved and not resented as the product of a hateful act?

    "the beautiful little baby in her womb is viewed as an obstacle."

    Indeed, some pregnancies are fatal to a woman's health, and termination is the only option for insuring her life.

    Perhaps if you were a young woman who had been raped by her father and "found herself pregnant" you would have a different perspective on whether or not abortion should be a "right."

    Personally, as a woman who physiologically cannot have children, I still would not presume to condemn those women who can for exercising their right to decide whether or not to become mothers.

    He will forgive you, too, for your intolerance and lack of empathy.

  2. Thank you for your thoughts and comments Anonymous – if that is your real name :o)

    Your judgment of my character and my position on abortion is faulty.

    Abortion is moral when the mother’s life is in danger since it would be immoral to stand by and watch two people die.

    Do you support all abortion?
    Where do you draw the line?


  3. I thought to comment again since I do not know if Anonymous will respond. And not knowing exactly what position Anonymous holds I am forced to generalize: I will refer to pro-abortionists in general.

    It has been my experience that having tossed the incest/rape emotional grenade pro-abortionists simply await the explosion while expecting you to stand by in stunned and embarrassed silence.

    Circa 46 million abortions take place every single year (that we know of). The majority factor is lack of personal responsibility. This is why in the minds of most pro-abortionists the issue of abortion rears its ugly head only once a woman finds herself pregnant when she did not want to be pregnant. This is because what happened previous to that deals with morality and we want none of that restrictive nonsense. If you can do whatever you please at the time and use abortion as birth control—why not?

    It is odd then, odd but self-serving and convenient, that pro-abortionists are only concerned to wonder how a woman who did not want to be pregnant ended up pregnant if the pregnancy resulted from incest or rape. It is certainly understandable and rightly emotive. It is an issue because these were not women who did not want to be pregnant and made purposeful decisions to engage in activities which are known to lead to pregnancy. Rather, in such cases pregnancy was forced upon them. The reason that many pro-lifers may find themselves in stunned and embarrassed silence when confronted with such issues is that it is a genuinely difficult issue. It is one that is all the more difficult to discuss in an intelligent adult manner due to the fact that one ends up seeming cold in the face of the heat of emotionalism.

    In the face of 46 MILLION abortion PER YEAR incest and rape represent a statistically insignificant number. Now do you see how cold it is to mention this fact? Facts be damned—how could I be so cold? We are, after all, taking about rape and incest!

    This is why a pro-abortionist would take this tactic, because no matter how you respond you have violated their emotions and just how do you argue against emotions?
    “Statistically insignificant!?!? We are talking about women who have been violated!!!”
    How is an ethereal reason to compete against a palpable feeling?

    When dealing with the issue of abortion in general I write in generalities for the reason that generalities exist, in order to be general. Where I to write on the topic as a whole I would attempt a wide a scope as possible—abortion is a complex and difficult issue.

    I would imagine that most (I understand, “most” is a generalized term) pro-abortionists condemn incest and rape as a violation, it is something being done to a person who does not want it done to them. However, they do not apply this moral logic to the baby. Rather, they generally dehumanize the baby as being a clump of cells, a zygote, an embryo, a byproduct of conception, etc. In this way they are doing the same as the rapist and incestuous who likewise dehumanizes their victim as a play thing, a useful object, etc.

    What makes this issue all the more difficult is that we are not only dealing with the act of incest and rape itself but that a pregnancy results. Now, the women are not only dealing with having been violated but must make unimaginably difficult decisions.

    Now, let us consider the fact that human life begins at conception: abortion at any stage brings a human life to an end. Therefore, the baby within the womb of a woman who was the victim of rape or incest is a human being. Let us imagine that the woman beings the baby to term, delivers the baby and “keeps” the baby. When the child is 2 months, 2 years, 20 yrs, etc. she has a flashback to the horrible violation which she suffered and takes that person’s life—what is wrong with that? This person was, after all, a result of rape or incest. Here the pro-abortionist would state that a clump of cells does not compare to a child outside of the womb. Yet, the point is that human life begins at conception and abortion at any stage is a purposeful act of ending that human life.

    Human life is human life at any stage and that byproduct of rape or incest is a human being—the baby is a human being whose life is taken due to the crimes committed by someone else.

    What further complicates the issue is that when women choose to carry the baby to term it not only “ruins their bodies” (as some state it) but they must decide whether to raise their child as their own or give it up for adoption. If the women value human life and dignity they will not compound the horrible act of incest and rape with murder but will either raise the child as their own give it up for adoption.

    Certainly, we must be empathetic and sympathetic to women who are forced into such very, very difficult situations. Moreover, we must understand that people in highly stressed states of mind often make peculiar decisions.

    A baby is not a punishment, a baby is a blessing, a baby is a human being in need of love and care, a baby is a creature that offers unimagined joy.



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