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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Rev. Dr. Mel White on Christian Homosexuality, part 3 of 21

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  1. Anonymous8:43 AM

    You try being a homosexual Christian...try living where youre judged everyday and your father is a well-known reverend...and youre expected to be "straight" because its "the right thing to be." Ive tried killing myself twice, life is hard when youre a homosexual Christian. Ive tried changing over 6 times in my life....i cant help who and what i love.

  2. Dear Anon,
    I am so very sorry to hear about your ongoing and serious troubles.
    I hope that you are in a safe place and I can ever do anything for you, just let me know.


  3. Anonymous10:26 PM

    this article was weak and didn't come close to debunking White's views. He is a much better writer. You just seem to be someone with too much time on his/her hands. Get a life and learn how to love instead of hate.

    TO ANON above; surround yourself with the body of Christ not wolves in sheeps clothing. You are made in God's image and we love you...


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