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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Introduction to the Bahá'í Faith - The Key Players

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  1. Truth-seeker10:36 AM

    You write:

    "The Bahá'í Faith developed as an offshoot of the Bábí Faith, which developed as an offshoot of Shaykhism, which developed as an offshoot of Ithná-'Asharíyyih, which developed as an offshoot of Sufism, which developed as an offshoot of Shi'ite, which developed as a denomination of Islam."

    Anyone who knows anything about Islam can see that your statement here is complete nonsense. I assume you are not going to post any of my comments so I will not bother to explain this to you in detail

  2. Truth-seeker;
    I have been patiently awaiting your elucidation.

    I do not know why you think that you know me well enough to state, “I assume you are not going to post any of my comments.”
    If I were you I would be spending some time asking myself why I am so very, very quick to unrighteous judge perfect strangers.


  3. Anonymous3:32 PM

    Could we say that because Jesus came from the Jewish tradition that Christianity is an "off-shoot" of Judaism? That wouldn't make any sense would it? The Baha'i Faith is an independent religion just as Islam, Christianity, Judaism and others who have come before these Manifestations.

    Baha'is, like Muslims, believe that it is not respectful to have a picture of a Manifestation, to have them portrayed in a play or a film and such like. The photo that you have posted was taken for use for a passport. The time of the photo was just after Baha'u'llah had been poisoned. It would be appreciated if you would remove it.

  4. Anonymous;
    Thanks for writing back, I have removed it as I had no intention to disrespect.

    Yes, of course Christianity is an off-shoot of Judaism: from the Christian perspective it is the new covenant phase of Judaism, if you will, and from the Jewish perspective it is a cult.

    I think that you are equivocating on the term and/or concept of independent with relation to these religions:
    Christianity sees itself as the fulfillment of Judaism.
    Islam as the fulfillment of both Judaism and Christianity.
    The Baha'i Faith as fulfilling others still.

    The concept of independence appears to ride on the back of the concept of fulfillment.

    Please note that in God Passes By Shoghi Effendi refers to the Baha'i Faith as an “offshoot of the Shaykhí school of the Ithná-'Asharíyyih sect of Islám.”
    [Wilmette, IL.: Bahá'í Publishing Trust, 1908, reprinted 1944, p. Foreword-xii]


  5. My dear Bahá'í friends I would be interested to know if any of you are aware and/or what you think of this “Official Website of the Universal House of Justice”


  6. It is ABSOLUTELY not the "Official" website of the Universal House of Justice. That site is


    Graham Sorenson

  7. Mariano, please do note that it is incorrect to present the 9 members of the Universal House of Justice as infallible. It is the Institution itself that is considered so. The (elected) individuals are human beings with no particular rank (and have no more authority than any other individual in the worldwide bahá'í community). When meeting and making decisions (which are then the Institution's decisions), those decision are considered infalible.

  8. I want to reiterate what others have said. The Baha'i Faith is an independent world religion, no more tied to Islam as Christianity is to Judaism, or Buddism is to Hinduism. The Ba'b actually predicted the exact number of years when Baha'u'llah would proclaim his message, so it is not a Babi sect, but a fulfillment.

    If anybody is interested, here is a "Biblical Case for Baha'u'llah"


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