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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

On Sean Penn, Dustin Lance Black, the Oscars, the Media, the Recession and the Separation of Church and Everything

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  1. Anonymous3:38 PM

    Are you a wee Todd?

  2. When the speakers at the Oscars referred to "expressions of hate" outside the building, did you stop to consider what those expressions were? Yes, it was the Westboro Baptist Church, who were picketing the event. I hope you'll agree that they are, indeed, hateful and that the speakers at the Oscars rightfully described them as such.


    You quote a newspaper as saying,
    "Religious leaders in his northern New Mexico district opposed the bill over concerns that it might compel them to perform same-sex marriages."

    If that's true, then religious leaders are either liars or idiots. Churches already have full discretion over whom they choose to marry, and that's unlikely to change. It is perfectly legal for a divorced person to marry. It is also perfectly legal for the Roman Catholic Church to refuse to perform that marriage. There even still exist some churches which refuse to marry interracial couples. We are free to despise such churches, but they are free to discriminate however they want. Isn't freedom great?

    So let's have a little more freedom. Let's allow same-sex marriages. There is absolutely no reason not to. And let's try to be free from the ridiculous scaremongering of the religious right.



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