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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Angels and Demons, The Da Vinci Code and Dan Brown

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  1. Anonymous7:05 AM

    The Da Vinci code was based on woefully inaccurate religion, woefully inaccurate art and in particular woefully inaccurate history.

    Angels and Demons is the same, but add woefully inaccurate science.

    Most convinced and truthful atheists are no more convinced by this bag of bulls**t than Christians are.

    There are some atheists that mischieviously like it, just to p*ss off the theists. But given that truth will only come from truth I utterly reject them and I wish they would not do it even if only in jest.

    There are some atheists who are suckered in by some of it. Just as there are some theists who are. This is largely due to a shockingly low level of historical knowledge and the belief in myths whether religious or not and in particular historical myths. Some of these myths such as the often repeated 'Christians taught the earth was flat' - untrue, there were plenty of examples of the church teaching the world was round, for example look at the medieval mappi mundi in Hereford cathedral, it was common non religious perception that it was flat. 'The catholic church and its inquisition was aimed at atheists' - untrue it was "aimed" at heretics, usually very religious people themselves, very very few that underwent the inquisition were atheists or scientists. 'It was Paul that decided the Christian faith and he rejected different strands in favour of Rome' - untrue, the evidence for the other strands is very small circumstantial fragmentary and based on documents centuries later than extant orthodox texts, the christians remained a tiny minority persecuted regularly by Rome for three centuries.
    'Atheists bear a grudge against the catholic church and would commit any attrocity to bring it harm.' - totally unevidenced and utterly ludicrous. 'Atheists are members of secret socities' - no more than theists, garbage of the worst kind.

    The thing is it doesn't need these myths to dispute with the theists and by supporting them we weaken our own arguments, I wish people did not do it.


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