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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hinduism / Hare Krishna / Krishna Consciousness, part 6 of 10

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  1. Anonymous11:12 AM

    Does it take the spliitting of hairs from some ancient scripture to know that it's just wrong to cause unnecessary suffering, misery, torture and butchering of innocent animals? Stop using your head so much and go with your heart. If you have any confusion go visit a slaughterhouse. All your questions will be answered and all your confusion will be cleared up. If not then there's something wrong with you just as there is something wrong with those who work there and the butcher who has buckets of blood on his hands. All for what? For a bunch of cancer causing flesh? I have been a vegetarian for 42 years. My children were all raised vegetarian and they are raising their children as vegetarians. Guess what? They are all healthy, happy, strong, beautiful and brilliant.

  2. Anonymous3:07 PM

    I stopped eating beef and pork and my Mom didnt like it at first. Now she says I look younger and now that I think of it I do have less wrinkles. Also eating no meat makes you less aggressive and less violent. Notice a lion is no being to mess with but cows will not as likely harm you. A hornet eats chicken and they will dive bomb you but worms that eat leaves will not hurt you. Vegetarian nations dont invade neighbors --when is the last time India has gone on the rampage?But Meat eating nations are at war a lot. India fights a lot but it is because everyone else invades them. Notice also that something inside you does not like killing mice or other animals- if you do enjoy doing it then there is cause for concern. Many of the worst murders started out throwing frogs at walls or stone. It is more perfect to avoid eating meat.


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