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Monday, June 01, 2009

Religious Science - Science of Mind - Ernest Holmes, part 3 of 13

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  1. Please forgive my presumption in suggesting that a more in-depth consideration of Science of Mind might yield something other than "New Age Mind Science" or "prosperity gospel" as a description. First, Science of Mind (as developed by Ernest Holmes) has nothing to do with the so-called "New Age," though this phrase is sometimes confused with "New Thought." Of course it is not new and has been around for at least a couple of centuries, and includes Unity, Religious Science, and the Unitarians, among others. We do not believe anyone is "perfect" in the sense of being utterly without fault of any kind, insofar as this applies to how they show up in the real world of human endeavor. We DO believe that at the core of each of us is the Divine, and that essence IS perfect because it is of God. None of us humans is unfailingly kind, compassionate, tolerate, or peaceful, but it's something for which to strive.

    The Science of Mind text was intended by Holmes to augment or supplement the study of God and the practice of spirituality, no matter what one's religious affiliation. In that tradition, most New Thought churches teach wisdom found in a variety of scriptures and spiritual paths. It is indeed a path of individualism and independent thought, which does not bow to dogma. As such, it is often belittled as some sort of cult or, in this case, a motivational, self-help program. People will take from it what is of value to them, and discard what is not. That is the essence of free will after all, and free will can be both a blessing and a challenge. Although such productions as "The Secret" tend to take a rather simplistic view of Universal Law, at the heart is a philosophy and a spiritual faith that is entirely resonant with the "discoveries" of modern science. We believe that some things can be known with the mind, and others only with the heart... but both are essential. Blessings to all.


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