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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Jewish / Judaism : The Isaiah 9 Controversy, part 2 of 4

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  1. It is quite possible that the text refers to Chezkiyahu, as well as indicates some sort of idea about moshiach in general. In Judaism, we believe that there is someone in each generation with the potential to be moshiach, were that specific generation to come to the place where moshiach would be revealed. If this doesn't happen in the lifetime of that person, then it moves on to someone else. I, of course, wouldn't say this applies to Yushka, as I believe that anything written about him could be easily fabricated or twisted to force application of what the Nevi'im said.

  2. BeeZee,
    Thanks for your thoughts.

    As you can see, traditionally the text has been viewed messianically.

    Also, there are very many messicanic concepts within Judaism and so there is no true “In Judaism, we believe…” see here.

    I do not know who “Yushka” is nor why you state that it is “of course” that you “wouldn't say this applies to” him.



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