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Friday, February 26, 2010

Oprah Winfrey Believes That God is Jealous of Her

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  1. A very good analysis. However I would point out that Oprah would have had a disportionately large ego to even entertain that divinity (in the context of her existence) would be jealous of that which was created by it.

    Even base logic would spurn the notion.

    I would say that also the church she once went to must have been very uninformative on points of canon on a massive basis. As the very notion of a jealous God needs clarification BECAUSE of human misinterpretation.

    Blessings and again thanks!

  2. "I may be jealous of my neighbor because she has a more impressive vehicle than I. But I could also be jealous for my wife if I find that she is getting inappropriately friendly with another man."

    Excellent! This is exactly how I try to explain the concept of righteous jealousy to people who don't understand it, although you put it much more succinctly.

    You know I'm not sure from what I'm seeing here that Oprah is really saying that she thinks God is jealous of her, but that she thought that the Bible said so, and thus rejected the book as nonsense. Of course, the upshot is the same, as either way it's clear she has rejected sound doctrine, but I just thought I might say that despite the hugeness of Oprah's ego, it might not be that huge.

    Oh, and your footnote links aren't formatted right, BTW.

  3. Indeed, I agree with you both: about the "I'm not sure" part and the "upshot" part.

    As far as the footnotes; Blogger creates the links when it detects them in that which I paste into the editor, must be a snafu.



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