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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Trinity : Biblical Affirmation of Monotheism

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  1. Greetings Mariano

    The Bible most definitely does not teach Trinitarian-monotheism.

    The Bible teaches strict monotheism.

    Jesus of Nazareth (Mark 12.28ff),
    all his disciples, Paul & the early church
    (1 Cor 8.4,6);
    were all strict monotheists.
    So, so should we, especially, if we are followers of Christ.

    Therefore Mariano,
    I recommend this video:
    The Human Jesus

    Take a couple of hours to watch it; and prayerfully it will aid you in your quest for truth.

    Yours In Messiah
    Adam Pastor

  2. Adam,
    Thank you for the info.
    Are you denying that the Bible affirms that God is a monotheistic triune being: a Trinity?

    If so, please take a couple of hours to read through the vast amounts of evidence that I have provided, and keep providing, in the series that began here:

    Please consider the biblical statements prayerfully it will aid you in your quest for truth.



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