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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Trinity : On God’s Odd Attributes

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  1. You are trying to describe a system of judgement with an imperfect human mind, then how can you describe something that is perfect? It is implausible. Your whole system of judgement is a paradox. Any likening to human forms of judgement is just another form of imperfect thinking.(the terms perfect and imperfect are in direct relation to how you are stating them, this is not how I would view them).

    I will endeavour to explain how the system of judgement works to you. Quite simply we live in an infinite universe, but we think with a divisionary system. Trying to calculate will only lead to confusion.

    If we consider that perspective is the point at which judgement is realized then we can start to see the interrelationship of words. Take the term judgement it is indeed a paradox as in order to be free from judgement one must be in the process of judging, if one cannot be free from it then it is infinite.

    It is only by viewing things as a whole and understanding the limited nature of perspective that one can live in the infinite. Once thoughts realize their limited nature they can embrace all.

    I suggest a brief reading of quantum physics which can be described in short as a probability wavelength. If you imagine the universe as a continuous wavelength and you are viewing it as a single straight line transposed over the top of it, you are only seeing a part of it.


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