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Monday, October 31, 2005

Christianity’s Dangerously Liberal Side

It is very easy to pick on the orthodox-fundamentalists-conservatives but when it comes to authentic Christianity, liberalism is a danger. For example, a friend and I went to a lecture by Muslims about Islam. This lecture took place at a Christian church; St. Michael and all Angels Episcopal Church – Alb. NM.

It was quite a seen; the Muslim apologists were expounding Islam’s virtues but some Coptic Christians were in the audience and were pointing out that they had first hand experience about Islam, having lived in Egypt where Islam is not spiked with tolerance, as it must be in the USA. The liberal church members actually started yelling at the Coptic Christians, telling them to sit down and be quite. Someone actually yelled out “Stop him!” as if the Coptic was robbing a bank. Then a self appointed liberal spokesman said that they did not care about what the Coptic Christians had to say; you know, little things like persecution of Christians by Muslims and shameful treatment of women. He explained that we were here to learn what the Muslims had to say; “Their truth” is exactly how he put it (see Is Truth True?).

The basic message that the Muslims had was that Muhammad was the final prophet and the Qur'an was the final revelation from God. They claimed that the Bible prophecies Muhammad and that you could buy books from them that would explain the prophecies.

After the lecture we had some discussions with the church members who seemed to use the phrase, “We don’t take the Bible literally” as a mantra (see How do you read the Bible?).

Why did we refer to Christianity’s Dangerously Liberal Side?

Put the whole picture together; this is such a liberal church that its members don’t know, and or, don’t believe orthodox-Biblical doctrines.
Next, their liberal pastor invites Muslims to preach to the church, without a single word in response, defense or clarification.
Finally, the Muslims teach the liberal Christians that the very same Bible that they do not understand nor really believe in, is prophesying the founder of Islam, God’s final and greatest revelation.
This is a recipe for disaster; it is a situation that is tailor made to have ignorant Christians embrace Islam (keep in mind that liberals love the underdog, at least allegedly so).
What Christians must also understand is that the Qur'an teaches that Trinitarians are hell bound sinners whose only hope of salvation is conversion to Islam—Surah 5:72-73. The Muslims, understandably, came to preach salvation to Christians—what an odd state of affairs.

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