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Monday, October 31, 2005

Coelacanth - The Hopeless Monster

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  1. Mariano:

    How utterly childish? What happened to the dinosaurs? Evolution is the mechanism that explains how the fauna of life changed.
    And I ask you again, where is the evidence for your fictional Big Space Daddy in the sky?
    I have already proved that Christ was a fraud, they found his bones, his sorry carcass was eaten by maggots and Christianity is the biggest hoax in mankind!

  2. Mariano:

    Rereading this article I could not help but bursting into loud laughter!
    That is the real oddity; how does the evidence of a fish that has not changed prove that a fish changed into a human? A fish never changed into a human.
    People we have an individual who is trying to disprove evolution who knows nothing about the subject. In the ultimate sign of ignorance this pathetic individual is trying to tell us that science teaches that humans evolved from fish.
    This person has been watching too many cartoons more specifically Aquaman.
    He believes that science is religion, that Big Space Daddy is listening to him, ghosts impregnate women and casper is in his shorts!
    What a perfect case for therapy no make that abortion!


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