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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Review of a Mormon Video—Part I: How Rare a Possession – The Book of Mormon

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  1. As you are a Christian apologist, I suppose I am a Mormon apologist.

    No, there is not very much empirical evidence. And you might not receive testimony of the spirit on the first attempt; it is all dependent on your faith.

    No, we do not work through science, and yes we do work through subjective feelings.

    But this does not make it false. It is not scientifically viable to try and prove Christianity out of any number of religions either. You can prove that it is possible for a God to exist, and you can prove that he does exist. But other than that you cannot prove any strict interpretations of doctrine. The Book of Mormon answers many questions about the Bible, about life, and about God. If you take them to be true, then you have a testimony. If you don't, then you don't.
    There are some aspects of our church that are already proven, but we don't tout them out to the world. The entire nature of faith is that you believe in something that still retains plausible deniability.
    I enjoy your other blogs, though, and I take strength from the fact that the world isn't completely run over with European socialism and atheism.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. The Book of Mormon is not grounded in Christianity and I am thankful that you are doing the work of the Lord by exposing the 'Truth' in all things. That includes Mormonism. The 'real intent' of a Christian IS to test All who profess to know Christ. An angel who speaks of mysteries is to be discarded. Even Satan can imitate himself as an angel of light. Mormonism is a disgrace to all who are believers in the TRUE Christ.


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