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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Review of a Mormon Video—Part II: The Restoration

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  1. The reason it's watered-down is because it has to be something that can be grasped and effectively shared by a nineteen year old boy with a tie and a bicycle.

    Seriously, I find popular Evangelicalism as taught at Evangelical youth rallies and Christian talk radio to be just as watered-down and substance free as anything Mormons are accused of.

  2. Seth;
    Thank you so much for your comment.
    Overall, it is not the watered-down or unclear Mormon doctrines that are troubling, it is the crystal clear ones that pose the most trouble.


  3. Fine. I was just pointing out that lack of substance is hardly an exclusively Mormon thing. Neither is failing to broadcast the less than favorable aspects of the religion.

    Do any Evangelicals lead with some of their most uncomfortable Old Testament stories, or the worst moments in Christian history?

    And anyway, having read the missionary discussions, I find them to be a more-or-less accurate summary of the essentials. I mean, they already cover the idea that God is of the same species we are. They also cover the need for righteous works that my Evangelical acquaintances keep harping on me about. They also cover the idea of a universal apostasy.

    These are ALL in the first discussions you take from the missionaries before you ever sign up.

    So I just don't see where the LDS Church is hiding the ball here.


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